How to Begin with Chatwoot- an Open Source Platform for Customer Engagement

How to Begin with Chatwoot- an Open Source Platform for Customer Engagement

Today, many business organizations are facing flak from their competitors. Because of the tough competitive environment, businesses are constantly looking for different ways to craft new products. One viable and critical strategy is to focus on offering high-quality customer support and services. Customer support and services guide businesses to succeed and can be a source of competitive advantage for companies. In addition to improving the relationship between the business and customers, good customer support & service plays a key part in boosting customer loyalty for those specific businesses.

Nowadays, industrial manufacturers are also providing customer services. This allows them to broaden their activities and serve their customers better. Customers and businesses can both benefit from customer services. Many buyers base their final purchase decisions on the product's pricing, range, and degree of customer service.

Therefore, companies and businesses should make use of customer service tools to provide exceptional customer service. There are many tools that provide customer services like Chatify , Salesforce, Hubspot , Olark and Chatwoot.

Chatwoot’s Journey: 2016-Present

Chatwoot is a free open source live chat platform with enterprise-level functionality. It includes features like real-time reporting, live chats, automatic agent assignment, chatbots, shared inboxes, powerful APIs/webhooks, canned responses, conversations continuity, conversations labels, and much more features. Chatwoot is also quite simple to use. Its user-friendly dashboard allows business agents to focus only on supporting customers rather than figuring out how to use the platform.


Most companies already engage with users through their email, website, and social media handles. However, different mediums of communication can make the whole process chaotic. It is equally vital for companies to keep a track of their conversations with consumers. Chatwoot is a natural fit for this actual situation.

Chatwoot was created in 2016. However, it was revived in 2019’s Hacktoberfest after a sluggish start. Most users were surprised when Chatwoot became a popular project on Hacker News. It appears that a failed initiative has now been resurrected, with very outstanding and promising results.

How is Chatwoot Different?

Chatwoot provides a unified picture of conversations between different communication channels, such as email, websites, API, and social media platforms.

Some of the key main features of Chatwoot are:

  • open source: Chatwoot is a free and completely open source live chat platform with enterprise-level functionality which unquestionably sets it apart from the crowd. Unlike other customer service software on the market, Chatwoot's open-source feature makes it even more powerful and versatile because anyone can download, change, and enhance the source code according to their own requirement and host it on their own personal server.

  • Mobile Application: Chatwoot also has its own mobile application available for both Android and iOS operating systems, allowing you to manage your customer conversations on the go.

  • Real-time reports: Reports are crucial and necessary tools for any business, no matter its size or industry. They allow tracking and analysis of the performance, overall health, identification of areas for development, and potential for growth. Real-time reporting is included inside Chatwoot, so discussions, messages, and reaction times can be recorded and analyzed in real-time with ease.

  • Live chat: Customers enjoy live chat because it allows them to get immediate answers to their inquiries and concerns. Consumers can reach out to businesses directly via live chat. Sending an email to a support team is less convenient because you never know when you'll get a response from them. Customer satisfaction ratings for live chat tend to be higher than for other methods of support because of the speed and availability. Chatwoot live chat interface is simple and stylish, an ideal mix for potential clients. In addition, it is quite easy to use and retains a great appearance, alluring customers.**

  • Shared inboxes: Chatwoot helps enterprises communicate with customers and team members from a single location easily.

  • Private notes: Inter-team communication is available by using private notes in a chat. You can tag to convey important information, resolve issues and address concerns.

  • Powerful API & webhooks: Information about what is happening in the account is available in real-time via Webhooks. Communication of various events between programs such as Slack & GitHub can also be accomplished using webhooks. Right now, Chatwoot is directly integrated with Slack. It is possible to manage Slack discussions without ever having to enter into its dashboard.

  • Canned Responses: Typing the entire same response might be exhausting at times. Chatwoot accounts for this problem by providing prefabricated and pre-recorded short responses, thus enhancing user experience.

  • Chatbots: Chatbots joined the mainstream tech industry towards the dawn of the 21st Century. Online chat has been invaded and occupied by interactive technology, frequently paired with AI. Chatbots aren't only a component of virtual assistants; they're utilized by various businesses to advertise products, ideas, and services on websites, applications, and instant messaging systems. Chatwoot has its own chatbot feature with built-in integration with Rasa (open-source conversational AI) and Dialogflow(closed source conversational AI owned by google). Through Chatwoot, customers can delegate conversations to bots and communicate with actual human beings when necessary.

  • Multilingual support: Chatwoot currently supports more than 20 different languages.

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